Granada Festivals

2th January: Fiesta de la Toma
Festival of the capture of Granada by the Catholic Kings in 1492.

5th-6th January : Reyes Magos
On the evening of the 5th of January, the children welcome the arrival of the Three Kings with a big parade in the streets of Granada.
During the night of the 5th, the Three Kings go in every house to deliver presents that will be opened the next morning by the children.

Granada Festivals

7th February : Romeria en Sacromonte
The 1st February is the celebration of San Cecilio, Granada’s patron saint. This day is not actually a bank holiday, and the Spaniards celebrate it on the first sunday of February. After the mass held at the Abadia del Sacromonte (Sacromonte Abbey), people gather together to dance and eat traditional food («Green Beans», «salaillas», «Cod Fish»).

From 28th March to 4th April 2010 : Semana Santa
Holy Week is very important for the Granadiños. Throughout Semana Santa, 32 processions spend hours making their way through the Granada streets. Each procession is the pride and joy of a cofradía (brotherhood), which spends weeks of time, effort, and money perfecting their procession.

3th May : Fiesta de la Cruz
Colorful celebration of religion and spring. Special groups, much like the Holy Week brotherhoods, slave over the annual decoration of their respective cross, which they then erect in a public square or courtyard. “Casetas” are set up nearby each cross where you can find the typical jubilant Andalucían antics and shenanigans: eating, drinking, partying, and dancing sevillanas.

Aside from these marvelous florally-decorated temporary crosses, fixed crosses also get a lavish makeover, as do the various plazas and courtyards. With people to impress and awards to be won, decoration during Cruces de Mayo becomes almost a marathon sport- you’ll easily see why it’s one of Granada’s world-famous festivals!

25th May : Anniversary de Mariana Pineda
Anniversary of the death of Granada’s young political heroine Mariana Pineda. She was imprisoned and killed for her liberal beliefs, for conspiracy against the ultra-conservative government, and for her refusal to name her fellow liberal “conspirators.”

From 31th May to 6th June 2010 : Corpus Christi
The Feria del Corpus is one of the biggest event of Granada. It takes place 60 days after Easter Monday.

On the Wednesday of the Feria del Corpus, the first procession is folkloric and fun, featuring costumed giants and monsters, festive music, and the appearance of “La Tarasca,” a gaudily costumed female figure who rides atop a dragon.

On the Thursday, the procession of Corpus Christi passes through the town of Granada.

The Feria del Corpus is also full of the typical light-hearted Andalucían festivities: dancing sevillanas, eating copious amounts of food, indulging in abundant quantities of wine and other drink, cheering at top-notch bullfights, etc. The majority of the fun takes place in El Ferial, the extensive fairgrounds just on the outskirts of Granada.

15th September : Offering of flowers Virgen de las Angustias, Granada’s patron saint

26th September 2010 : Procession of the Virgen de las Angustias

12th October : National Day, Commemoration of the dicovery of America

24th-25th December : Christmas

31th December : New Years Eve